1690 Manuscript of Bishop Esprit Flechier

1690 Manuscript of Bishop Esprit Flechier


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Here we have a document written by Bishop Flechier.
On the front page appears the inscription: The Funeral Time of the Bishop of Nimes, Flechier. It is Bishop Esprit Flechier (10 June 1632 – 16 February 1710). In 1802 two volumes were published entitled Oraison funèbres.

On the second page, it looks like another interesting character appears. Here the writing begins by saying “The Funeral Time of Madame Julie Lucine d’Angennes”. Julie Luciana d’Angennes was Duchess of Montausier and lived between 1607-1671. What further writes there is that Bishop Esprit Flechier wrote his eulogy in 1672 about a month after her death at the d’Hier abbey.

About item

Is handwritten and contains 393 pages  and probably is a copy because the last year mentioned in the manuscript is 1690. It have a very good condition, covers are strong from leather.

About bishope Fléchier

Fléchier was born at Pernes-les-Fontaines, in the département of Vaucluse, in the Comtat Venaissin, and brought up at Tarascon by his uncle, Hercule Audiffret, superior of the Congrégation des Doctrinaires. Fléchier entered the order, but on the death of his uncle, he left it, owing to the strictness of its rules, and went to Paris, where he devoted himself to writing poetry. His French poems met with little success, but a description in Latin verse of a tournament (carrouselcircus regius), given by Louis XIV around 1662, brought him a great reputation.

About Julie d’Angennes

Bishope Esprit Fléchier composed this eulogy the funeral of Julie d’Angennes. Julie d’Angennes eventually married her sigh on July 13, 1645. In 1661, she became governess of the children of France and lady-in-waiting of Queen Marie-Thérèse. The memories of the time reproach him for his complaisance for the mistresses of Louis XIV. Julie d’Angennes had a daughter of her marriage to the Duc de Montausier. This one, Marie-Julie of Sainte-Maure, married in 1664 the duke of Uzès, Emmanuel II of Crussol. On the death of the Duke of Montausier, Marie-Julie de Sainte-Maure inherited her lands in Charente.


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