Our story began in Sacramento in 2014 when we were in a difficult financial time. Then I asked for a miracle from God through prayer. I had heard stories about treasures found through garages, attic, house and we thought it could be one for us.

So on a Saturday I followed the orange and green signs of garage sale. I felt that God would give us something special. We came to a house where many things were out for sale, but in the garage we found hundreds of old books. There lived two elders who sold everything from house, because they were going to move to another state.

The books were from the 18th to the 19th centuries, and most were rare. So without knowing what we buy the owners asked for $ 5 a piece, and the big size $ 25. I did not know the value of those books, but I suspected they could be valuable.

So that autumn on Ebay we sold many of them and made a very big profit. That’s how we started this business that is really a passion for antiques. We collect and sell small items of great whit value.

You can find in our store old and rare books from the 15th-20th centuries. Then you will find old documents, manuscripts, paper and vellum, or different engravings or paintings. We offer you old and rare coins of gold, silver and others.